Dr. Martin Makait Managing Partner


Dr. Martin Makait


Managing Partner MWP GmbH

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Dr. Martin Makait has excellent leadership qualifications in transportation & logistics, gained from a wide range of management experience
in different modes of transportation. At the beginning of his career he studied business economics and performed a doctorate at the
University of Hamburg, already in the field of transport and logistics management.

This know-how he could use in recent years in various consulting projects, both to develop new markets and restructuring of enterprises as
well as the implementation of efficiency programs. In addition, he is also active in various networks.  

His know-how is based primarily on the following important stages of his career: 


  • extensive management and sales functions in the VTG Lehnkering Group, a leading logistics company in Europe
  • Member of the Supervisory Board of VTG GmbH
  • Executive Board of Carl Robert Eckelmann AG, a prestigious service group in Hamburg with responsibility for several divisions and
    managing director of several subsidiaries. Focus was on logistics activities in Hamburg's port and rail services in the areas of logistics
    and maintenance.
  • Member of the Council of the port business association Unternehmensverband Hafen Hamburg eV
  • Member of the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Binnenreederei AG, one of Germany's largest inland waterway shipping companies.


Today, Dr. Makait is mainly active as a managing partner of MWP in management and logistics consulting. 

He is also Member of the Board of Directors of the FILog Research Foundation for Innovative Logistics, since for many years a member of the
Board of Trustees of the “Gesellschaft für Verkehr und Logistik e.V.” and is active in several associations such as the Research Association for
combined transport (= Studiengesellschaft für kombinierten Verkehr), the ERSTU, European River-Sea Transport Union eV and the
Logistics Initiative Hamburg. He is frequently represented at numerous seminars and lectures on various forums with strategic logistics and
management issues. Furthermore Lecturer in Traffic Management at Hamburg University of Technology.