Forecasts and market surveys

Other forecasts and market analyzes were performed for major logistics services providers and investment houses for Example to developments in the rail, inland waterways and tank farms in Europe.


 Forecasts and market surveys

  • Forecasts of traffic and port handling
  • Forecasts for maritime transport (Deepsea and shortsea)
  • Industry-specific analyzes and forecasts
    • for traffic - rail, road and inland waterway -
    • for transport volumes in market segments such as chemical industry, Petroleum industry, gases, etc.

 Essential basis for our

 forecasting models and Market surveys

  • individually and Internet-based
  • written surveys
  • Interviews with experts on market developments, etc.
  • case Studie

 Objectives of the projects are usually:

  • Securing and expanding market share
  • Development of new markets
  • Protection of investments
  • Assessment of the recoverability of market segments
  • Bases for price adjustments





Reference example

On behalf of the German Ministry of Transport MWP elaborated the im- and export cargo-flows of most European ports including hinterland distribution for all modes of transport.! Based on our comprehensive logistics and macroeconomic data, we performed for all ports from Russia around the European coastline until Slovenia a long term cargo forecast until 2030. We have been able to break down the forecast details in up to 88 different groups of commodities in trade and loading categories like container, RoRo, Dry Bulk, Liquid Bulk, Conventional General Cargo.